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Tailes • Thought-provoking erotic material, challenging rules


Autumn Harvest
image 1: hunted
Switch Back
Redefining Love
The Request is Answered
After Midnight
The Finishing Touch
Burning Kisses
image 4: surprise
Excerpt from a Slave Journal
In the Dead of Winter
Making kinky soup
When a moment means more
Exploring self-voyeurism
A walk in the woods will never be the same
Trying the other side
Carefully guided to an ideal relationship
A subtle lesson in communication and patience
The payoff for patience; sensations are not always what they seem
Roles need not follow tradition
Nervous exploration through the sensation of touch
The dark depth of a masochistic soul
A different reality under the blindfold
Busted in dreamland
Seasons of the heart
Devotion to a higher power


The Tale Behind Tailes

Consent was conceived in the early dawn hours in August of 1998, following an extremely hot, humid night when I couldn’t sleep. I had fled to the floor, as it was just too hot and humid to cuddle. This is especially true with Tasia, who sleeps under blankets even in the summer. While perusing our extensive collection of bondage and kink publications, I said the four most dangerous words in the entire English language: “We can do better!”

By dawn I had a list of everything I wanted in my ideal adult magazine and specifically what I wanted to avoid. That morning, I presented the idea to Tasia. In the end, we decided that we could do better, so we started to design Consent. What we were looking for was well-written stories which were really naughty, but still consensual. In other words, the people involved were not being forced to do things they didn’t want to. If something was nonconsensual, the characters were clearly enjoying themselves. There were lots of other requirements used to build Consent; we particularly wanted a good, clear, readable font and nice, heavy, bright white paper. Why? Well, let’s face it, there is only one reason to buy a magazine like Consent, so we designed Consent to be easy to read with one hand. Just four months later, our child was born.

December 2002, after four years of publishing Consent, we conceived another brilliant idea. It occurred to us that it would be much more fun to have someone else read the stories while leaving both hands free. Again the gestation period was four months from idea to physical reality.

We have worked diligently to give our readers not only highly arousing stories, but to let our readers see situations and viewpoints that they may not normally be exposed to from the mainstream adult media. We think we have succeeded quite nicely and from the feedback from our subscribers, they agree. Tailes, Volume #0 of the Consent Magazine Audio Collection, is a compilation of the best stories and poetry of our first years. We have included our usual mix of poetry and stories with lots of different viewpoints and situations. Quite a number of the pieces are even read by their authors.

Tailes is the first in the Consent Audio Collection but it definitely won't be the last. While we were trying to figure out what to put on the Tailes CD we read through every single story and piece of poetry we used, being a magazine full of naughty material you can imagine this took a bit of time. We had to keep stopping after "reviewing" the really good pieces. And if you thought the review process was fatiguing the recording process was worse, our readers kept getting shall we say "Flustered" while they read which has also made for some really good out takes and lots of real life experiences for new stories. Anyway, we found we had several other "groups" of stories that are very good so we are frantically recording more stories for future CDs as well as some of our serialized stores. Check here for more info as they are finished. .

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