The four most dangerous words in the English language – how we started this project.

Consent was born on a very hot August night in 1998. I am definitely a cold weather person so as you might guess August is not one of my more popular months. Of course being a hot night Tasia had pretty much spread herself over the surface of our bed leaving my traditional summer sleeping strip of 14 inches. I just don’t sleep well when it is hot and humid; did I mention my dislike for summer? Anyway after a couple of hours of trying to keep a distance between my skin and the sweaty unconscious blonde headed four armed octopus next to me I gave up and tossed my pillow on the floor next to the bed. Since cool air sinks maybe I would actually notice the fraction of a degree difference between the height of the bed and the floor. As I lay there on the floor hoping to go to sleep before I actually had to get up, I started looking through the assorted stack of magazines always on my side of the bed. Most of them I had already read cover to cover. After deciding that I was really in no mood to deal with the engineering or science journals, it was just too hot to think. Unfortunately, I had read all of the photography journals. Eventually I got to the porn. Ok, a dirty story could work, not much to think about. Hey lets face it masturbation is a form of relaxing and if I have to be hot and sweaty I might as well have a good time. So I started to leaf through a couple looking for something to read. In the 7 or 8 magazine I looked through all of the stories were really weak. The grammar was lousy, the sentences were overly repetitive to puff out the word count, nearly every word was an profanity witch also served to pump up the word count, and finally nearly all of the stories I found were extremely non consensual kidnapping and degradation. Even the magazine that professed to be about "love bondage" was full of very negative abusive stories. As I lay there sweating in the dark my mind started to consider what would a good magazine consist of. Well first off even a magazine devoted to stories had to have some artwork, but not so much as to overwhelm the stories. The art would serve as an accent to the story not the story being filler for the shoot. I also looked at several different magazines that night and did a little mental calculation about the advertising space. I discovered that there was never less then 50% of the page space devoted to advertising and in the case of the higher page count adult magazines as much as 85% of the surface of the pages is nothing but advertising. All of these publications had a substantial cover price on top of all of the ads too.

This late night insomnia led me to utter what Tasia and I consider to be the four most dangerous words in the English language today – "I can do better". Yep it was out there, the seed had been sewn Consent wasn’t born yet but the possibilities were percolating in my mind. Eventually I did get to sleep that night but before I did I wrote a few of my ideas down so I would remember them in the morning, and to see what Tasia thought.

The next morning I told Tasia how I spent most of the previous night. We looked over the list and several magazines to see what formats we liked and didn’t. Oddly enough all of the design ideas that would form the format and guidelines for Consent came from mundane publications and not adult ones. The ideas came from publications as diverse as MacAddict, National Geographic, Circuit Cellar and View Camera. In a very short time we had a bulleted list of what we wanted and didn’t want in a publication.

Our original guidelines

Look and feel of the magazine.



Tasia and I started looking for stories for the first issue. Each of us had written a bit and we knew people who had written a bit so we started to pester our friends for stories and art for our new publication. That first day we had arrived at the name Consent because that was the basis for BDSM play and it was what we felt was missing from most of the other publications we looked at. In less then 24 hours not only was Consent born it was creeping forward.

It took a little deciding to arrive at our quarterly publication schedule. We concluded that there was no way we could do this once a month and back then we weren’t even sure we could get enough content to print every other month so we arrived at our quarterly schedule. This also worked because people who were waiting to read their copy would know when it would arrive. We planned our publication to arrive on the solstices and equinoxes. Since it was already August, and we weren’t sure what we were getting into, and the Autumn Equinox was rapidly approaching, there was no way we could be ready to publish for the Autumn Equinox, so our first issue would come out on the winter solstice. This gave us nearly 5 months to get things in place and work out the bugs. Because both of us come from a math/science background we listed our first issue as #0. It was labeled "Our training issue." We were looking on Issue #0 as something like a training bra. We also called it Issue #0 because we would then have every year follow multiples of 1, 2, 3 & 4, not to mention that making our First issue #0 would annoy the non science types. This can never be a bad thing.