Excerpt from

Bunco Squad

by Rajah Dodger

The mystery of Tuesday night


I woke up in darkness, my head fuzzy. A few things slowly made their way into my consciousness — I was lying on something soft, my arms and legs were held outward from my body, and I could feel the air conditioning playing on my bare skin all over. I started to yell, or at least say something, but right at that moment a warm wet tongue slid into my ear. Moist breath caressed the side of my neck, and my body reacted the way all teenagers do. All of a sudden, talking didn’t seem like a major priority for me. The tongue and lips moved down the front of my neck, and spent some time on my nipples, sending little flashes of sensation straight from there to my now throbbing but untouched cock. I was biting my lip by this time, and when the unknown mouth suddenly dove down on my erection I let out a yelp and ex-ploded, lifting my hips up as far off the floor as my restraints would let me. Fingers played around my testicles and the mouth swallowed until I was drained, limp, and panting from exhaustion.


Read the rest of Bunco Squad in Consent Magazine Issue #22 2005