Excerpt from

Alone In A Cage

by ~Hawk’s cherished dove~

Confined contemplation


This was an assignment, in humility, to remind a slave of her place. This assignment was originally hand written by that slave, from the confines of a cage for one hour. These are the thoughts that went through her mind during that time. Look upon them as a journal entry or letter to her master, for that is how it was written.


I am sitting Indian-style in a cage, recalling our earlier conversation. You were sitting at the table eating your supper, and I was packing your lunch for work. You asked me what my plans were for the night, as you know that I stay up until the wee hours of the dawn while you work the third shift. I answered you with details of some small chores that I felt needed to be done, and emails that needed to be looked at.
You looked up at me, with a gleam in your eye and caught me quite by surprise when you said, “I insist that you spend one hour in your cage while I am gone. You may bring in the small light and read if you wish, you may curl up and take a nap, or anything else you like. However, I insist that you spend one hour in your cage to remind you of your place.”



Siting cross-legged cramps my leg and causes my foot to go to sleep. I alter my position. One leg is out stretched, the other still bent inward as it was. The clipboard is resting upon my breast as I write. Correction: Your breasts, as I, your slave, writes.
I feel the bars biting into my knee


Read the rest of Alone In A Cage in Consent Magazine Issue #22 2005