Excerpt from

Playing With Dolls

by S. Nycole Bridle

The origins of a relationship


Grasping her new doll by the wrists, Alicia lays them across one another and gently, but firmly, wraps them in electric-blue silk. Once the hands are firmly bound, she raises them up to the fixture in the basement ceiling, securing them taut over the plaything’s head, such that her boots barely stand flat, shoulder’s width apart, each secured tightly to a short rod pro-truding from the basement floor. Standing back to gaze at the lovely sight before her, Alicia admires her handiwork, absently caressing her own nipples through the black lace of her corset.

Reaching down into the black leather bag at her feet, she pulls out a blue, leather riding crop, a devilish smile on her lips. She remembers how much this one likes to be whipped, and can sense the gleam of anticipation in the Barbie doll’s downcast eyes.


Read the rest of Playing With Dolls in Consent Magazine Issue #22 2005