Excerpt from Our Serialized Story

Empty Nest

by Charles Caneher

Part II - Explorations


Charlotte wondered what was up because Henry headed out the kitchen door. He came back some time later caring an old post fan he sometimes used when he was working in the barn. She didn’t understand until he sat the base on the floor with the post against her womanhood. She didn’t know whether to be outraged or not. When he plugged the old thing in the vibration brought a gasp from her. When he push the cage so the blades were hitting it, she knew she had gotten herself in exquisite trouble.

Henry then set his chair where he could watch her face. It wasn’t long before the first orgasm hit her. Another was not long in following. She had not tried to keep count but was totally exhausted when an hour later he turned off the fan. When he undone her she just lay there. After returning the fan to the barn with a smack on her bare ass he asked, “So what are you fixing for dinner?”

Breathing heavy, she got up. “Pork chops, I got them out of the freezer an put them in the fridge yesterday.” She was tired but liked the way he was watching her move about the kitchen. Nothing was said all during dinner and while she cleaned the kitchen. When he pushed his chair back she could see that his pants were down and he was erect. She knew when he motioned her over that it was not head he wanted


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