{CatWoman}'s Custom Thigh High Boots


Nothing feels quite as naughty as really wicked pair of boots. Yet the shoe stores never seem to have a pair that fit me. I am not sure who they make these things for? I know lots of women who have wanted a pair of a wicked looking boots, but can't get a pair to fit correctly. If the shoe part fits correctly, then the calf is too tight. If the rest of the boot fits, the shoe part has to be bought in a too large size because the person's foot is wider than the sizes available. Thus, I developed a method to custom make boots that fit correctly. I can make your boots from any material you want or a combination of materials. What would be more fun then to have your collar, cuffs, corset and thigh high boots all match? Personally I am working on a set in velvet for myself.

I have also altered existing boots for lots of people. The pair shown above is an excellent example. The shoe part was big enough but the calf was far too tight. I suggested splitting the back of the boots from the ankle to the top, then I reinforced the leather so eyelets could be installed. This would make it so {Catwoman} could lace the boots from the ankle up. The original boots were also much taller than {Catwoman}'s thighs. Instead of just cutting them down to the correct height, I suggested turning the tops over and adding a belt that matched the leather to keep the tops of the boots from sagging. As an addition, I found some really nifty buckles and belt tips that were silver and had Celtic knotwork. Not only do the belts hold up the boots but in a pinch they make really great quick restraints when the need arises.

If you have been looking for a pair of boots that actually fit and look really great I can make you a pair no matter what size you are. I can make boots to any height from ankle to thigh, and from any material. Contact me for details. I have a page in the website that has some basic pricing. A studio visit is REQUIRED for any custom boot order.