Finally, a Garter Belt
that looks like a Garter Belt!

I love old stuff. I have a collection of old office equipment and I am working on a collection of old undergarments. Lots of people in BDSM own a corset, even stockings and, of course, the odd pair of heels. I have them, too, but I prefer undergarments from the 50's and early 60's. Things like girdles, stockings, and long line cone cupped bras. These are fun to wear and not just for special occasions, either. I wear things like this daily.

I have found a few old items like my 18-hour girdle and of course "Bulletproof" my favorite long line bra. However, I really wanted a good old style stretch garter belt to wear under my nurse uniform, but I couldn't find one. I wanted A garter belt that flowed over the hips and rises in the back. Something that when I bent over would ensure a good look. I wanted a garter belt that would look really good and hugged my hips firmly. Something that didn't make me look like my waist was being strangled by a spider. I wanted a garter belt that would look good with a thong under my nurse uniform or with white cotton panties under my schoolgirl skirt.

Since I couldn't find what I was looking for at resale shops, I decided to design an old style garter belt. I wish I could find bolts of the old fabric that Playtex used to use, but they just aren't available any longer. I had to settle for a nice heavy spandex. Since most of the things I would be wearing the garter belt with would look good with white, I chose a very bright crisp white spandex. I am going to make similar garter belt in black soon. I also added extra garters on each side because they keep your stockings up better and the extra garters look much naughtier than just the basic four.

These pictures are of a friend who modeled in my garter belt and bulletproof during a photo shoot.