Gladiator Costume

One day I got a call from one of our Consent readers. He needed a costume for a party the following weekend. He really liked the skirts that gladiators or roman solders wore and wanted a costume that incorporated that type of skirt. His mistress required that any costume had to be made so he could be stripped without removing any bonds she might place on him.

Initially he was thinking that he wanted the outfit to be made from leather. After I asked him a few more questions I discovered that he sweats a lot during play. I suggested that leather would not be a good idea since it holds sweat and over time it can start to smell. It is also very hard to clean. We decided that nylon strips were a better solution. It would have the look he wanted and, when he was done playing, most of the costume could simply be tossed into the wash.

Another major requirement was that the part of the costume that covers the upper chest had to be made of metal. This was because he likes the feel of cold metal against his nipples. Also, any nipple covering had to be removable so his mistress could torture his nipples but he could still be in costume.

The lower portion of the chest piece needed to cover his belly completely. I suggested we make it appear as armor plate. I made it out of fabric to follow the curve of his body. The silver accent gave him the six pack look he dreamed of.

To complete the Gladiator / Roman solder look I added shoulder pads, shin guards and a cape. These pieces don't really serve any purpose other than to make the costume look like a uniform. Finally, he wanted a mask to go with the costume.

Since the costume had to be completely finished in less then one week I wasn't able to do as much with ornaments as I would have liked. He was still very pleased with the results.

The pictures on this page show my finished design with a friend modeling it (Thank you!). As you can see, the various pieces easily come off to allow his mistress access to any part of him she desires. Since I used lots of nylon in place of leather not only is the costume easily cleaned it is very light weight.
The Full Ensemble
The Full Ensemble (Back)
The Full Ensemble
The Cape Partially Removed
Chest Piece Removed
Shoulder Pads
& Cape Removed