The Harness Corset
I made this corset for a woman who had a submissive man. She had been looking for a corset for some time and had tried on lots of them. She really wanted a corset but nothing ever fit right. Most of them were made too long in the waist. She also wanted a corset that had a built in dildo harness because one of the fantasies of her male sub was to have her use a large dildo on him. We talked a little about what she wanted the corset made out of and finally decided on fabric.

Off to the fabric store we went. We went through lots of options and finally arrived at a lovely black brocade. Most of my custom pieces are for people from out of town so I have become quite adept at making patterns and enough of a piece so I can do an initial fitting very quickly. At the first fitting she decided she really didn't like a busk. The problem was that the busk was more difficult to fasten than she liked, so we decided to use a heavy metal zipper with a pull at each end. The idea being when she wanted out of her corset she could quickly pull the zipper in either direction. I added large rings to add to the effect of the zipper and to make pulling it even easier.

The second part of this corset was adding the dildo harness. She wanted a harness that was part of her corset so it stayed put. Regular harnesses can slide around. Also, since she would probably be wearing the corset when she was using the harness anyway, it only made sense to make it part of the corset. The dildo harness did have to be detachable because there were times that she did want to wear her corset without the harness. I chose woven straps that attached under the edge of the corset. They are soft and more importantly they are washable. We played around with different positions for the straps so she had the best placement on her. One of her main requirements for the harness was that it had to stay in position over her pubic bone but I couldn't run a strap down her butt. She didn't like the feeling of having a weggie that garments like thongs and three strap dildo harnesses give. I made the harness so it could accept dildos from medium to very large. She didn't know just how big a dildo her sub was going to be able to take and he would be trained to take larger dildos over time so the harness had to be greatly expandable.

The pictures on this page are the finished corset. Unfortunately, as I said, she was from out of town so I can only show the finished corset lying out on the floor. It was a lot of fun to design and create.
Corset with dildo harness attached.
Corset with dildo harness detached.
The very silky lining of the corset is tempting to the skin.
The back of the corset
Tasia after signing the corset. And yes, unless it is cold Tasia usually works naked.