My Maid Uniform(s)

After the collar and the corset a maid uniform is probably one of the most recognized items of BDSM or Fetish apparel around. Most people who have a maid uniform keep it in the back of their closet and only wear it on "special" occasions.

I like to clean. I enjoy it enough that I have done it professionally, but for my master it just plain gets me Hot. I had never really told anyone about this fetish until one day when master came home and found me in a post dishes frustration (I wasn't allowed to orgasm without permission at that time.). There was nothing I could do. I had to confess about my secret passion.

My master, being the ever indulging master that he is, upon hearing my confession said, "Well, we had better get to the fabric store and get some material. If you are going to get off on cleaning the house you had better have the proper uniform to do it in." Two days later I finished this.

It has a separate top and bottom part to the dress, a full crinoline, and a white cotton apron. The head opening is a barmaid style so that master can order me to pull it down over my shoulders when he wants and I can keep them warm when it is cold. He can also easily pull my breasts out.

The material for my uniform is a fabric that looks and feels like garment weight suede. It is rather dense so I will stay warm in the winter. It is a bit too dense for summer wear, which is why the dress is a two piece. In the summer the maid would just have to start taking off her clothes as she cleaned. Oh golly, a reason to strip. Since my uniform was designed to be functional instead of just ornament the material was chosen to look good but also be cleaned easily.

The apron gets dirty when I clean and do dishes so we chose cotton, because I could bleach it. Later I added a second apron with embroidered flowers on it. This is my more formal apron that I wear to events and when we have guests for dinner. At these times, along with my formal apron, I also serve in my dress collar and a pair of iron manacles which impresses people that someone can actually function in them. For cleaning I also have a pair of rubber shackles so I can do the dishes and clean the tub.

Currently I am researching a good pattern for a full 1950s style apron. I have always liked these. This is the style that you would see on TV shows that has the strap that would go over your neck and ties behind your back at the waist. This apron will also have at least one pocket below the waist because when the maid is doing her job she always finds little things that are not where they are supposed to be. One or two small pockets in my next apron would be a great place to drop these found items until they can be put where they belong.

The dress above is my original maid's dress. It was designed and made when I was significantly heavier and prior to my breast reduction surgery. Since these pictures were taken I have lost a significant amount of weight. Weight loss plus my breast reduction surgery has made me shrink out of my uniform. Since my first maid's uniform really no longer fit me I gave it to my best friend. I think she looks great in it. The only problem is that she has lost over 100 pounds since I gave it to her, so we need to not only modify the uniform for her, but take some new pictures.

Needless to say, the original uniform is rather large on me now. So, of course, I had to make a new maid's uniform, because we wouldn't want the maid to be out of uniform. That would mean she would have to go back to cleaning the house naked, which is not as satisfying as wearing my uniform. My new uniform is much more detailed than the original one. The original one was never intended to be a permanent solution but was more a quick fix. We always intended to make a second uniform, but put it off when we knew I was going to have my breast reduction surgery. My new maid uniform is a very silky material with a princess neckline (to show off my new smaller more manageable breasts). Because the neckline was so fancy I also added tulip style sleeves to complement it. My new uniform is still a traditional black. Since I don't have to contend with my old breasts, I decided to make this uniform a one piece dress. It has a lovely sash that I tie in the back and is completely detachable so I can be tied up with it. It also closes with small buttons that go through little loops made of the same silky material that the rest of my uniform is made of. Unfortunately, we don't have any pictures of my new uniform yet, but I will get them up as soon as we take some.

So now I get to clean house in a real maid uniform and a pair of matching low heels for a real master who appreciates not only a clean house but also the fact that his slavegirl really enjoys her work.

The only thing I don't really like to do is dust, but with my maid uniform on even dusting isn't too bad.