Pentagonal Harness

This harness was conceived after looking at some photographs in the studio and the slave outfit Carrie Fisher wore as Princess Leia in "The Return of the Jedi." The idea was that the harness could fit perfectly. In order to get the harness to fit precisely, lots of very careful measurements must be taken on the client. The harness is constructed of woven leather, with buckles on the back. The woven leather is the only thing holding the harness together. I also designed the Pentagonal Harness TM to fold into itself and become its own storage bag. The collar is detachable so it can be worn separately from the harness.

A similar Pentagonal Harness TM - Starts at $500

Since the Pentagonal Harness TM is fit to the wearer’s body so precisely, A studio visit is REQUIRED to order.

The prints, "Patience" and "On the Prowl," (left and right above) are available through the Erotic Gallery.