The Saga Of The Poor Silver Corset

The silver corset was not actually made to fit anyone. I designed it as something I could take to events as an example of my custom work. I have a dress dummy that can be adjusted for different measurements. I considered what sort of girls I really like (and I REALLY like girls) to look at and set the measurements for that girl. I had been doing so much work with black leather when I started this project that I desperately wanted to work with something that had colors. I also wanted something that was not made out of black leather. I wandered around the fabric store until I found this wonderful silky silver brocade fabric. I decided that a nice bright red would be a good edge accent for the silver. I also used the same red for the lacing.
Above is what the Silver Corset looks like on a person with the same proportions as the dress dummy.
A good example of what the poor silver corset went through is shown above. We see the lovely Mijit wearing the corset. As you can plainly see it fits her quite nicely from the back. However, if you look below you will notice that nice as Mijit is to look at, she is not close to being a C cup. This series shows what Mijit did before a shoot to get her breasts inside of the corset.

Originally the Silver corset was only to be used as an example of my work, but as I attended various events women would come over and pet the silky material. Soon they would ask to try the corset on so they could see how it felt. I made the original silver corset to be short wasted because most of the women I lust after are not six foot super models with no curves, and silicone enhancements. I lust after short cute energy filled curvy women.

The women who were asking to try on the silver corset were also shot and average height, curvy women. Not all of them were built the same as my dress dummy so the silver corset had lots of stress put on it in ways I had never planned.

One of my great accomplishments was that after my breast reduction surgery and recovery the corset fit me! As you can see from the picture above it still doesn't fit my breasts, but Master says that is a plus.

Currently, the poor silver corset is waiting to have a bit of mending done on it. It has held up well considering I put a lot of stress on it stuffing all of those girls into it. It also needs some work on the edge trim.

As anyone can see, Mijit is rather nicely proportioned, and the corsets busk closes quite easily. Being one of those girls who is spectacularly cantilevered before the laces are tightened she is already spilling out of the C size cups on the corset.

With the corset laced properly the problem is a bit worse. The blur in this picture occured because Mijit was actually jumping up and down trying to stuff her breasts into the corset. This wasn't actually needed but we were playing around. If nothing we do have fun when we do shoots.

A few last tucks and Mijit is now street legal!

The final result is always nice to look at, not to mention that Mijit was fun to work with.
Oops! Mijit lifted her arms a bit too high and everything spilled out again. Oh well she has really nice nipples at least the diversion is nice. Mijit did fit in the corset well enough that she went dancing in it as her top for several hours after this shoot. As far as we know there were several adjustments while dancing but no no wardrobe malfunctions occured.