The Original Rollup Toybag With The Tiny Toybag 

Don't you just hate it when your toys tie themselves together on the way to a party? Then there is the where in this bag of goodies is the toy I want issue. This bag solves both problems.

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The Original Roll-Up Toy Bag TM with Removable Tiny Toy Bag TM

Traveling with toys can be a headache. No matter how carefully you pack them in your toy bag things seem to happen: Nipple Clamps twisting into Floggers; one Cuff buried at the bottom of the bag; and never finding the Toy you really want in a darkened play space. Preventing these travel headaches was the idea that inspired the Original Roll-Up Toy Bag TM.

The bag unrolls to a flat organized surface. Each item is secured and instantly at your fingertips. Floggers, Whips, Crops, Canes, Paddles, Cuffs, Collars, or whatever you want to take on the road - each of your toys has it's own place. Your toys travel conviently in individual locations, secured with non scratching materials. No time is wasted digging through jumbled toys. The positions of the fasteners adjust to fit any size toys.

Now that we have the big items packed, what about the little things that tangle and get lost the most? Things like: Nipple Clamps, Clothes Pins, Neural Stimulators, the odd fork, you know the really Fun stuff. Smaller items fit into the Removable Tiny Toy Bag TM. Tuck your items into place and fold this small bag up. Included with the Original Roll-Up Toy Bag TM or it can be attached to your belt if you just want to take the small Fun stuff.

Customized to fit the toys You like to play with.

 Roll-Up Toy Bag -

$450 (includes Tiny Toy Bag)

Tiny Toy Bag (starting at) -


Toy Bags can be made in many different designs and layouts. Just let me know what toys you need a bag for.

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