The Original Velvet Collar & Cuffs

Soft yet secure, these are the most comfortable restraints I have ever worn. They are also pure elegance. I have always loved velvet. I love the way it looks and I especially love the way it feels. I love to pet it when I wear it and others pet me when I wear it.

The concept for a velvet collar and cuff set was born when a client called me one day and explained that he was very into bondage but he was also Vegan, which meant that he didn't do anything that involved animal products. For the past few years he had exclusively played with rope but was tired of it. He wanted a real set of functional restraints but obviously leather was not an option. Since the restraints had to be functional I had suggested that I could make restraints from nylon, but he wanted them to be more attractive than nylon. Also, nylon can be scratchy until it is broken in. Then it came to me, Velvet! Velvet is very attractive, it is soft and the way I build my cuffs they are every bit as functional as a set of leather cuffs.

I now make lots of nifty items in velvet. You, of course, can buy a set of velvet restraints, however, I have designs for other soft cuddly velvet bondage items, and some that are soft and cuddly and have a bit of a nasty streak too.