Reversible Collar & Waist Cinch

Wanting to have the pieces work with more outfits, this collar and waist cinch is designed to be reversible.


Reversible Collar


The collar is constructed with woven leather which allows it to be unwoven, turned, and rewoven to change which color is more visible.

Reversible Waist Cinch

The waist cinch has multiple panels, lacing on between each panel. The cinch can be made with two to as many panels as you would like allowing many possible combinations of coloring. The cinch can be made of very light material with steel bones or made with heavier material with or without the boning.

  Reversible Collar -


 Reversible Waist Cinch -

 starting at $70
   add $10 per additional panel
   add $25 for steel boning

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