Velvet Collar & Cuffs

Soft yet secure. The most comfortable restraints I have ever worn. These restraints are pure elegance. Originally designed when requested for a set of restraints which contained no animal products.

 Velvet Restraint

with Ribbon

with Leather




2 Wrist Cuffs



2 Ankle or Elbow Cuffs



Set of 5
collar & 4 cuffs

$360 to $395

$445 to $475

 Full Set of 7



These are available in narrow (about 1.5") and wide (about. 2.5") widths for the same price - we are only talking two inches of additional hand stitching. Specify width for collar and each pair - wrist, ankle, or elbow.

Please select a Velvet color (other colors may be available, please inquire)




Royal Blue

Forest Green

Hunter Green



(These color samples are NOT exact. In fact none of these color samples reflect the sheen one gets with the high quality real velvet I use. I will have actual scans later, but these give you an idea of the color for now.)
If you really want to see what the velvet looks and feels like I suggest ordering a Velvet Tie.

For WITH RIBBON please select a ribbon from the following styles (each style has several colors it is available in.)
Click on the style name to view color samples for each style.



Victorian Roses

Small Roses with Filigree

Large Roses


The Velvet Collar and Cuffs pictured above have Red velvet with Turquoise Renaissance ribbon,
in narrow for the collar and wide for the cuffs.

As a final selection aid a Ribbon Bookmark can be purchased.
Bookmark prices are $3 any narrow ribbon, $4 any one width ribbon, $5 any wide ribbon.

For WITH LEATHER please select a texture and specify color desired
Smooth or Suede leather. Most colors available, even black.

Want something a bit more basic with the wonderful texture of velvet?
See the Velvet Ties or the Velvet "Pet"Collar (soon to be added).

Please see Restraints for other collar and cuff options.

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