The corset is one of my favorite items, and one of the most important to fit to the individual.
A corset which fits is comfortable to wear for long periods.

When most people think of a custom corset they think that a person who has a corset custom made is doing it because they want it made out of some exotic material. While this can be true, exotic materials are not the only reason to consider having a custom corset made.

We are all made differently. Just go to the clothing store and you will find this out. Try on jeans in your size from 5 different manufactures. What you will discover is that of the 5 pair you tried on, one will fit correctly, or at least acceptably. If you are lucky, a second pair may also fit correctly. The rest will either be too large, too small, too narrow in the hips, etc. Why? Because different manufactures have different ideas of what a person should be made like.

As we all know, our bodies simply don't conform to standards, this is why if you are going to actually spend money on a corset you really want to consider paying for one that is built to fit you perfectly. You don't want one with the cups too small or too big. Worse yet is when the boning sticks you in the hip or under the arm. When the corset is simply longer than your body is you are not likely going to grow to fit it.

A corset that doesn't fit correctly is just not fun to wear. So why spend all the money on cheap corsets that just don't fit?

Get the corset you really want. Get a corset that is not only comfortable to wear but actually flatters your features.

There are endless possibilities with corsets: styles, and materials. Each are dependant on the purpose.

Please contact me to help you determine a design and materials that appeal to your needs and desires.

I can make a custom corset which will fit you, just a few examples of my work can be seen on my Custom Design Examples page.

Since this is a custom piece that is designed specifically to fit your body.
A studio visit is REQUIRED for any corset order.

Reasearch Fee - for all custom design items $50
Getting prices on materials, parts references and historical research.
This fee pays for my time to prepare for your fitting.

Patterning - $150 + above fee (total to this point is $200)
Translation of researched design to your body.

Pattern Rendered - $100 + above fees (total to this point is $300)
Paper pattern which will fit you and allow your corset to be sewn.

Corset Made - starting at $300 + above fees (total to this point is $600)
Actual construction of your corset.

The material the corset is made of may Your additional fees.
Some examples of these fees are:

Ribbon Edging starts at $20 additional
Stretchy napped fabric starts at $45 additional
Satin / smooth slippery fabric starts at $75 additional
Leather starts at $250 additional
Velvet starts at $300 additional

Please contact me with your design ideas to get specific pricing.

Basic Corsets are made of cotton twill with 10 panels (5 per side), a busk front closure and laced back.

All corset have my embroidered signature: