Custom Creative Designs
to fit any figure

Examples of My Work

The examples below are just a few of my creations, some are older creations some are newer ones. There is normally a story that goes along with each item. So enjoy the stories and let the pictures inspire you to work with me to create your new original design.


All of the products that we sell at Allison's Secret Closet are actually original designs. We don't resell anything that is pre made. We carefully select the components that go into all of our products and in many cases manufacture the components ourselves from raw materials. This is why I always tell people that if you don't see what you are looking for ask, we can probably make it.

While we do sell quite a few "off shelf items" like canes, floggers and restraints, most of our items are custom. Even our "off the shelf" items can be customized. Why? Well because not everyone wants the standard black leather with silver rivets and buckles. Some people do want to have something different than the norm.

I work with lots of different materials and combinations that include leather, fabrics, wood, plastics, velvet, metal and latex to create original designs so you can order exactly what you are looking for instead of having to settle for the same thing everyone else has. I have been creating custom bondage and fetish pieces for most of my life. I started making my own clothes and bondage pieces because I didn't like what was available. I understand when someone comes to me with a special request. I love a good creative challenge and the process of sitting down with someone to create the perfect design for them.

• My Dress Collar

The Pentagonal Harness TM

The Original Velvet Collar & Cuff Set.
• The PDQ Gladiator Costume.
My Maid Uniform(s)
The Original Leather Nurse Cap
{CatWoman}'s Boots
The Harness Corset
The Twin Torpedoes on the Half Shell Corset

The Saga of the Poor Silver Corset
The Male Pony Harness 1st & 2nd Generation
My Personal Pony Gear
Finally, a Garter Belt that looks like a Garter Belt!
The Fitted Hood
The Reversible Cinch & Collar Set
The Original Rollup Toybag With The Tiny Toybag
The Silver Rose Collar