My Dress Collar
I feel that a collar is one of the most important and personal parts of BDSM. In my personal life, I am a 24/7 submissive and a foofy fem brat, which means that I have LOTS of collars. There is an entire rack devoted just to collars, on my dresser. Being a fem sub, there are also racks for cuffs because you must coordinate, but that is another story. However, none of the collars that I wear on a daily basis are as important as my Dress Collar. It required significant consideration and several weeks to design and make. So I understand when a client comes to me with a request for a special collar. A collar is very personal to a sub and can represent much more than just a fashion statement. My dress collar is partly inspired by a picture my master found in a magazine. Solid yet elegant, it is a secure and comforting presence.
Unfortunately (well, not in all ways), since I designed this collar I have lost a significant amount of weight and it no longer fits correctly. I even modified it once and then shrank out of it again. Thus, I am in the process of designing a new dress collar, which will actually be part of a collar and cuff set. It will feature a combination of leather, velvet and embroidery techniques. I am still in the design process on the new set so there won't be any pictures for some time. When it is done I will post them here and they will be spectacular! Possibly my best creation yet!

My original dress collar is an example of a rolled leather collar with a hard core, it is lined with the same leather and riveted. It features an engraving plate and decorative studs. Similar collars can be designed.

Now, the only problem is what to do with my old Dress Collar? Any Fem Sub Brats out there looking for a good home? If so check out our Girl Friday Page. Maybe you could be the lucky recipient of my old Dress Collar.

For pricing and other options on Collars and Cuffs, please see our Restraints page for pricing information on collars and cuffs. Please remember that if you are looking for something special that no one else has contact me and I will create a special design just for you.