Position Open For A Girl Friday


I'm Tasia, Brian's Slavegirl. We are a 24/7 matched set who are looking for our third partner. Before I get into the details of the sort of person we are looking for and who we are, let me save everyone a little time.

1. We are NOT looking for partners to just have sex with. We have no problem with people who just have sex, but as master says - why just have sex when you can tie someone up and give them a spanking instead?

2. We are NOT looking for couples to play with.

3. You must be either be into Dominance, Submission & Bondage or at least be curious about it. If you have questions, we don't mind answering questions for curious people, even if you are not looking for a play partner and are just looking for answers.

4. We are NOT looking for Pro Doms. My master is a Dom, he is a very good Dom, he is not a Sub, so he isn't interested. As for me, lets face it, why should I pay someone to dom me when I can get all I want at home for free?

5. We are NOT looking for people (Male or Female) to send us picture of their genitals! We all know what Boys and Girls have. My master and I are much more concerned with who you are, not select portions of the result of your parent's genetic experimentation. We do understand that some people need to stay anonymous, but close ups of your genitals are not the answer. If you have other pictures to submit to Consent, please see the submissions page.

6. We are NOT looking for people who are cheating on their spouse or partner. We have no problem with people in open relationships where one person is not into DS and you are. We actually know lots of people in this situation. If you are in a relationship, your partner(s) must be fully aware of what you are doing. We will check. Sneaking around for anything other than surprise parties is just not worth the hassle.

7. We are a Male and Female COUPLE looking for A SINGLE SUBMISSIVE FEMALE. The only exception to this falls under #6 above.

8. We are NOT looking for people to have e-mail, Instant Messenger or phone sex/relationships/play with. While this is, on rare occasions, interesting, we are looking for a REAL TIME, FACE TO FACE relationship, not a virtual relationship.

9. We are NOT looking for someone who either has children or wants them (unless you are in the type of relationship listed in #6 above). We don't have a problem with kids, but we chose not to have them. Besides, cats are so much cheaper and never expect us to pay for college. Also, we publish an adult magazine and run an adult business. Our home is not a kid friendly zone.

10. While we are both active, we do NOT look like people who would be on the cover of Vogue or GQ. My master is a cuddly teddy bear who knows how to be mean in all the right ways and I am a very cute BBW, if this offends or is an issue for you, then you may want to hit your back key now.

11. Light or Social Smoking is still smoking. We don't. Anyone we would consider as a long term person could not smoke.

12. We are not going to be a transitional relationship for you. If you are involved with someone and it isn't over then it isn't over. We have no problems teaching people who are curious, or playing with someone who is fun, or hasn't had a good beating or bondage in a long time, but we are not going to be a diversion or a one night stand.

13. Do not expect to just move in as soon as we meet. We are looking for a person that is long term, and a partner no matter how you see your role. Be this as a sister to me, second sub/slavegirl, domestic, pet, property or whatever. There will be a period of at least 6 months (probably more like a year) while everyone gets to know each other before even considering moving in together. This may be longer if you are not in our area.

14. A taste for the arts is a plus. I enjoy ballet, especially modern dance, and enjoy the theater, too.

15. If your idea of fun is a loud crowded club / restaurant / bar we are not your sort of people. Sure we go out to eat occasionally, we occasionally see a movie, but it is not our life.

16. Submissive are not doormats - Doms and Subs complement each other. Each person gets enjoyment from the other.

17. To us D/S is not about putting on funny clothes before we get to the "real" sex. If you are looking for a relationship where you have tons of sex - keep looking. If you are looking for a relationship where you are required to adhere to rules, get corrected when you don't, kneel on the floor with your head on your dom's knee during a movie, have to do your daily tasks while wearing a gag and steel shackles just because it looks cute, this may be what you are looking for. Let's talk!

We tend to read things from people with lots of words, not lots of pictures. But you would never have guessed this by now. We want to know who you are and what makes you, you. That is the only way to see if we are all compatible. If you are still interested, read on.

We don't care if you have years of experience or have barely tried BDSM but it sounds like what you want out of life. We care more for enthusiasm, not a resume.

Who are we?

Brian - is a firm but reasonable Dom. He is an engineer, photographer, scientist, woodworker, and Tasia's Teddy Bear who always makes the punishment fit the offense. I find him absolutely infuriatingly calm.

Tasia - Sir describes me as delightfully Sub and ravenously Bi. While I am a submissive, I do switch with girls ONLY (I impersonate the best dom I know, my master). I am an anthropologist, writer, artist, model, but mostly I am Brian's Slavegirl, Personal Assistant and life size Barbie doll. I am always looking at women, especially the ones with hands just the right size, small enough to fit. My hair color is determined by what Brian decides he wants.

We have both been into BDSM all of our lives (30+ years each). I knew this was what I wanted way before I even hit puberty. We have no children. We have lots of interests other than BDSM, but do live a 24/7 BDSM lifestyle. We run a mundane business as consultants in the tech industry (among other things). We also run Allison's Secret Closet, which produces custom toys, furniture and clothing, and we publish Consent Magazine.

Some (but not all) of the DS things we like are:

power exchange, blindfolds, bondage, breast torture, cages, candle wax, collar and lead, depletion, discipline, dildos, domination, exhibitionism, fisting, handcuffs/shackles, hair pulling, high heels, enema, lace, latex, leather, nipple torture, nurse/doctor fetish, oral, paddling/spanking, rimming, rubber, "toys"/vibrators, whips, rope, rules, school girl play, role playing.

What are we looking for?

We are interested in meeting women who are any of the following:

First we are seeking our Girl Friday:

Girl Friday = SINGLE SUBMISSIVE FEMALE between 21 and 45 who is either experienced in DS or Curious about BDSM and who would like to explore it with a couple who has lots of experience in a safe environment. We are looking for someone for a long-term relationship where safe sex is mandatory. Our ultimate Girl Friday is someone who we can be fluid monogamous with. For the right person, this would be a live in 24/7 situation, but could also be someone who would like a warm safe place to play outside of her busy life on a regular basis.

Experience is not necessary, but enthusiasm is a must. If you are interested you can contact us at

We are also looking for women:

- Curious about BDSM and who would like to explore it with a couple who has lots of real experience (not online) in a safe environment. If you are looking for a mentoring couple who lives a 24/7 Ds relationship we might be who you are looking for. We have helped many people explore the BDSM aspects of their lives.

We are also looking for both men and women:

- Interested in modeling for artistic adult photography and drawings.

- Writes erotic prose or poetry.

- We are also looking for erotic artists.

Experience is not necessary, but enthusiasm is a requirement.

I hope to hear from you soon. Thank-you for taking the time to read this entire page.

-Brian's Slavegirl Lady Tasia