We are always looking for models for Consent.

Over the years lots of people have asked us where do we get your models?
We don’t use any services or agencies. Our models come from the real world.

We have found models at conventions.
We have found models in the audience of the Erotic Photography and BDSM lecture we do.
We have found models through e-mail.
We have found models who are our friends.
We have found models who were just waiting on our table at a restaraunt.
We have found models in bathrooms in other cities, when we weren't even expecting to find models.
In most cases, our models find us after seeing Consent or some of Brian's work.

What do we look for in a model?

We must be very frank on the subject of a potential model’s requirements. We have extremely strict standards that ALL of our models MUST adhere to. We do make exceptions to our requirements, but only on the rarest of occasions.

First and foremost: You must be enthusiastic! If you don't enjoy what you are appearing in and what is happening you just look like a statue. Statuesque is fine, statues are dull and attract pigeons. We really don't want birds in our studio, unless they come from England of course.

Age: All models must be over 18. We will require you to produce a photo ID when we do the first shoot to prove it too, even if you are 80.

Height: All models must be under 9 feet tall. If you are any taller then 9 feet, the ceiling fan in the studio will smack you in the head...repeatedly if it is turned on. However, for outdoor shoots, or location shoots in tall spaces, we will make exceptions.

Weight: All models must be heavy enough so the previously mentioned ceiling fan won't blow you around the studio. We prefer our models to only leave the floor if we have them suspended by a chain from the ceiling. As with the height requirement, we will make an exception if you don't meet our weight limit—we assure you we have plenty of restraints and chain to keep you fastened firmly to the floor. In a pinch we can just turn off the ceiling fan, but then we all suffer from the heat of the lights.

Measurements: Yes, please have some. It is incredibly difficult to focus the camera on a singularity. Note: For those of you who may not have a science background a singularity is a point in space with no volume. Note 2: For those of you who do have a science background and are about to start writing nasty letters about how singularities involve space time and density we do mean the math kind.

By now you should realize modeling for Consent is not quite like modeling any place else. We are not concerned with what you look like. It is far more important to us that you genuinely enjoy what is happening during a shoot. You don't even need experience in modeling or BDSM, just a desire. We work with all of our models to do shoots that appeal to their desires as well as what we need for art in the magazine. We are not just looking for warm bodies. We are interested in making the expierence a rewarding one for you.

Your thoughts, emotions and feelings are very important. Not feeling safe and happy, aside from being unpleasant, has an impact on your body language. Good body language directly affects the quality of the images. Being at ease and having fun means you will come back and we can do it to you again, which is fun for all parties concerned!

If you have a desire to model but don't want to run the risk of being recognized we understand and can work with it. Consent Magazine has allowed a larger number of our models than you might think to appear in our pages who wouldn't have even considered posing because of their "outside" life. We can work out a shoot that allows you to fulfill your exhibitionistic fantasy and keep your anonymity. No one outside of the studio will even know.

If you have questions please feel free to contact us.