Submitting to Consent
Consent is not like other adult magazines in lots of ways. One of the biggest is that we use writers and artists who also are readers. Oh sure, lots of magazines have places where their readers can make contributions to the publication, but if you read any of them like us you tend to notice that all of the writing sounds the same. This is usually because if a reader actually wrote the story, by the time you read it; it has been edited to fit the taste of the staff. At Consent we work very hard to NOT change the ideas and voice of our writers.

Quite a number of our contributors had to be persuaded by us to write. The usual excuse is that their writing is not good enough to be published. Our basic philosophy is if the idea is good the rest is just mechanics. Unlike other publications, if someone presents us with a good idea, we are happy to will work with them to get that idea into a publishable story. We feel strongly that sexual expression is a vital part of everyone's life. We want writers to explore their fantasies and express themselves here no matter what level of writing they are doing. Consent was designed to not only arouse our readers, but to present them with lots of different ideas and viewpoints. Without a wide variety of writers, Consent would be just another adult publication.

For those of you out there reading this with stories rattling around your hard drive (or your head), send them to us, we always give an honest review of your work, with suggestions for improvement if they are needed. We are picky about our stories and we do reject stories. When we do reject a story it is not because of the level of writing but because the work is not what we are looking for. If we do reject work, we try to suggest publications where it might be more appropriate.

What are we looking for?

Writers Guidelines

For Stories, poetry and informative articles.

Artistic Guidelines

Original artwork accepted in ALL mediums.

Model Page - Explanation about model requirements

Submission Deadlines

While you may submit your work at any time if you want to be in a specific issue you will need to submit your work well before the dates below. This DOES NOT garentee your work will appear in that issue or at all. While we do work with new wirters and artists to get their work to our standards, we also reject submissions that just don't belong in our magazine due to subject matter, not writer's ability.

 Publication Date

Spring Equinox

Summer Solstice

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Winter Solstice

Submission Deadline

February 1st

May 1st

August 1st

November 1st