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Submission Guidelines & Release Forms
How to get YOUR artwork published in Consent

Artistic Gallery Guidelines:

Photography and artwork in all media is accepted. Both professional and amateur artists are welcome. All material must be erotic or humorous and kinky in nature. Color artwork is accepted, however, do keep in mind that Consent is printed in B&W. We will make tonal corrections to color submissions to get the best representation.

We prefer that art submissions be sent as a TIFF file with a 300 dpi or greater resolution. If you are sending pictures from a digital camera at a lower resolution we can work with them. If you don't understand all of the tech stuff please feel free to contact us at as we are always happy to help. If you are submitting by e-mail copy the Release Form for Artists below, paste it into your mail software, fill out the form, attach your pictures and e-mail the message to:

We prefer art submissions to be digital, but we will accept physical submissions. We prefer you not send originals as we are not responsable for any damage or loss of submitted work. Also, we will not return any artwork or disks unless it is sent with a SASE with correct postage. Also remember to add stiffeners to any artwork so it isn't damaged in the post. If you are sending your work through the regular mail print the Release Form for Artists below, fill it out, enclose it with your artwork and send them to:
Consent Magazine Submissions
PO Box 82284
Columbus Ohio, 43202

Ideally, multiple submissions should be mailed on a CD with a completed Release Form for Artists.

Please note we respond to all submissions. We do not return any materials unless they are accompanied with a SASE with correct postage.

Release Form for Artists

I ______________________________(creator’s legal name) grant B&T AlleyCat Productions Ltd one time publication rights to my original work as specified below.
Include with publishing release and your original work:

• Title(s) of work submitted: ________________________

• Medium: ___________________________________________

• Your name as it is to appear in Consent. Aliases & Pen Names are fine. Print clearly: ________________________________

• Your legal name for our records only: __________________________________________________

• Your mailing address (to send your contributor's copy): _____________________________________________________________________

Legal Release for Authors, Artists & Photographers: Authors/Artists/Photographers are directly responsible for any patent or copyright infringement and here agree to indemnify Consent for any violations of the said subject matter. Authors/Artists/Photographers agree to indemnify Consent to and save them harmless from any and all liability, loss and/or damage in any way arising out of the subject matter of said submissions. If necessary Authors/Artists/Photographers in order to save Consent so harmless, will satisfy on their behalf any judgement against them in any way arising out of the subject matter of said submissions.

Model Release for Photographers

If you are submitting photography and there are any people appearing in the photographs we also need the following:
• Photocopy of legal photo identification with legal proof of date of birth on it for each model
• Signed & dated Model Release for each model. If you don't have your own model release you can use the one below:

I __________________________(model’s legal name) certify I was at least 18 years old when the photograph titled _________________________ (title of photograph) was taken.

Model’s Signature___________________________ Date Signed _____________