Referals & Rewards This is where You can get free stuff!!!

It has come to our attention that many of our readers are telling their friends about Consent.
We feel that our readers are our best form of advertisement.
We also feel that readers who refer others should be rewarded.

Therefore we are implimenting a Word of Mouth Advertising Rewards Program:

5 single issue referrals = 1 issue free
(single issue Rewards may be applied to a back issue!)

12 single issue referrals = 1 year free subscription

6 subscription referrals = 1 year free subscription

Refer a Store who purchases a total of 10 issues = 1 year free subscription
(Store referrals count after the store has purchased at least 10 issues in one year.)

Only issues and subscriptions puchased directly from Allison's Secret Closet
count toward the Rewards program.

Sorry, each customer can only count once.
However, you may earn an unlimited number of additional years or single issues.
Being the nice people that we are, if you discovered Consent on your own and purchase it directly ftom us
you are your first referral. Hey, every customer counts as a referral once, but only once.

Just tell your friends to mention either your name or customer number when they order.
Subscribers will have their subscription lengthened for each free single issue earned,
unless you request a specific back issue.

You must Claim Your Rewards to recieve any free issues earned:

E-mail or fax your list of who you have referred and your information
(name, address, phone number or e-mail address, your Consent customer number, and what Reward you want).
We will go through our customer list and verify each name on your list of referrals.
We will contact you with either a confirmation phone call or e-mail with how many we verified.

If you haven't purchased your copy of Consent , please see the Subscription Information to order.
On the form, in the "How did you learn of Consent" box, filling in a Magazine, Search engine, or Store
will count as SELF referred for the Rewards program.
To give Rewards credit, any person you refer MUST put your name or customer number in this box.

If you learned about Consent from a friend, please Reward your friend!

This offer can be altered or withdrawn at any time.