The Original Leather Nurse Cap

A few years ago I put on an art show at a local gallery in Columbus called "The Art Of The Erotic." It featured several artists in the central Ohio area who do art that is erotic in nature. It was a big success. We had artists that featured wood sculpture, prints, photography, fabrics, and performance poetry. I even conned a girl into being a living corset in production. I talked her into letting me take off her top and covered her in black duct tape. Then I installed a busk and boning on her. During the evening I added tape and trimmed bits off until, at the end of the evening, I had her taped into a really great looking corset that she wore home. I was even able to find five gentlemen from the local music school who in two weeks got together and formed a jazz group and played torch songs all evening. They found a really great singer with the perfect throaty jazz voice to sing some of the songs. It was a great time. The opening was on a Saturday night.

On Sunday the gallery requires that at least some of the artists be available for customers to talk to, so we were there the next day, too. Near closing time, my friend Kitt showed up. Since we did an erotic fetish theme for the art show she decide she should dress up. She had found a nurse uniform at a local resale shop. Upon getting it home she proceeded to cut the bottom six or seven inches off of the hem so it was short enough to be interesting, and so people would know if she was wearing panties when she bent over. The outfit was such a success that this red pickup kept going around the block and waiting at the traffic light outside so the guys in the truck could look at her. After the sixth time she waved at them and they got embarrassed and didn't come back. This was really cool and made a nice end to the weekend of the show.

Later I borrowed her uniform. She had purchased a regular nurse cap to go with the uniform but I decided that since this was really a fetish outfit (It isn't meant to be practical like my Maid Uniform) it really needed a more fetish cap to go with it. What better than a white leather nurse cap? After doing a bit of research on all of the different styles of nurse caps that were made through history I settled on a very traditional style. It is folded with a pearl button that holds it together. I dubbed it the Naughty Nurse Cap. After I made the first one, I decided that it would look good in black, too. I mean, not all nurses are just naughty, some are really nasty nurses, and white doesn't work for a nasty nurse. I made the same cap in black leather with a black button. Since I am sort of a switch, I designed a third cap that is reversible so it can reflect my mood. White when I am feeling naughty, and black when I am feeling mean and nasty. Now my only dilemma is, should I make myself a leather nurse uniform or whole new white velvet cap and uniform? I suspect my master will tell me to make both. Be sure to check back to see what happens.