If it is pink it CAN'T be kinky

If you can’t figure out from most of the parts of our website our company colors are Pink & Black. The above line is exactly why our colors are Pink & Black. Way back when we started Allison’s Secret Closet we really didn’t have company colors. We did have Allison as our mascot and she did have her pink bell because Allison was drawn as a representation of Tasia and when I first collared Tasia I put a pink bell on her dress collar. Pink & Black didn’t become our colors until a few months later. We had our things displayed at the Columbus Pridefetst. When we started Allison’s Secret Closet we decided to not do the normal BDSM fare (basically tons of black leather everything) so we had our line of velvet, fur suede, we even had a rubber band flogger. With this stuff we had what we called "Bubble Gum Fluff" this is a flogger we made from nylon. It is nice and soft and fluffy and the one we had on display is bright pink. We make our display fluffy flogger bright pink because bright pink stands out from a long distance and would attract attention. It did. Lots of people looked at Bubble Gum Fluff, but one stood out from the crowd, and was the basis for the slogan at the top of this page and why our company colors are Pink & Black. Keep in mind that in Columbus Pirdefest is held during the summer, this day was bright sunny and pushing 90 degrees. This guy came over to our table and in this heat was dressed head to toe in black leather. We are talking the stereotype of Leather Dude. He walked up to our table picked up Bubble Gum Fluff swung it a few times against his hand and in a loud totally serious voice announced "This is pink there is no way a pink flogger is kinky". He then proceeded to explain to us how much experience he had in BDSM and how much he could teach us about it because obviously looking at our stuff we knew nothing (at that point Tasia and I had over 20 years each). For the next week anything that wasn’t the requisite black or at least deep red we proclaimed to "NOT BE KINKY". We did lots of shows that summer and autumn, when people were looking at Bubble Gum Fluff we made sure to tell them that it was ok to have one because we have it on good authority that it is pink and anything that is pink can’t possibly be kinky. When we did fliers and other advertising stuff we made sure to get some pink in, we have lots of prototype products including things like paddles, crops and canes in hot pink. Why? Hot pink does show up from a long distance away. Hot pink is a color that people remember and Because Hot Pink just isn’t Kinky!

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