The Story Behind
Why Our Company Colors Are

Pink & Black

Fluffy Floggers

Lovely toys that swish through the air
. Impact sensation can vary from a kinetic thud to thuddy and a bit stingy

The first Fluffy Flogger we made was known as the PMS Special because it is the flogger which inspired the saying, "I've been a real bitch. Would you beat me with this as hard as you can. Please!" The impact from our largetst fluffy flogger is like a good massage. There is no sting component to it at all. The Fluffy floggers is also the ultamate arm workout. The tails of this flogger are very light and as they fly through the air they have lots of resistance so if you are trying to hit someone really hard your really have to swing HARD. Master usually swings it at me with both hands basball bat style which produces the lovliest deep thud. I could hang there suspended for hours while he beats me with our fluffy as hard as he can. The only problem is that he can't beat me for hours because it takes so much effort. This is why we recomend a Fluffy Flogger as the forst flogger people who are new to BDSM use. Basically, unless you hit someone with the nandle, you really can't hurt them. Our Fluffy Flogger is a good flogger to learn on because it flies slower then leather or suede floggers.if you happen to miss your target and hit somplace like the neck or kidneys you are not likely to do any damage Fluffy Floggers are that light. The charastic of slow flight makes learning to control where the flogger goes easier too.

We sell our fluffy floggers as twisted and untwisted. So your can get that Yummy thuddy feeling at half the price. If you buy a twisted flogger it eventually will become untwisted from use. This of course takes a long time as we feel oh so sorry for the sub who just has to endure all of the use that is required to untwist a flogger in this manner. The difference other then cost is that the untwisted flogger is softer and has a fluffier thud then the untwisted version. This difference is not really too noticable, so mostly we sell our fluffies twisted and untwisted because of the price difference. The nylon strands has to be untwisted by hand and it takes several hours, therefore if you save me hours of work, you save yourself lots of money. Or you could make your sub untwist it.

A - Long Fluffy Flogger
This flogger is 28 inches long. It has a 6 inches long handle that is 1 1/4 inch diameter. It produces a nice firm thud with no sting.

B - Medium Fluffy Flogger
This flogger is basically the same as The Long Fluffy Flogger except it is only 23 inches long. It has the same 6 inch long handle that is 1 1/4 inch in diameter. The Medium Fluffy Flogger's thud is not as deep as The Long Fluffy Flogger. It also doesn't require as much effor to swing because the tails don't hold as much air.

(Not Shown) Short Fluffy Flogger
The Short Fluffy Flogger is the same as A & B except it is only 18 inches long with a 6 inch handle that is 1 1/4 inches in Diameter. It is very light and flies very fast and has a nice light thud.

C - Long FluffyWand
We called this series of Fluffy Floggers Fluffy Wands because the handles are thinner then the Fluffy Floggers. Fluffy Wands have fewer tails then their larger predecessors, which means that they will fly faster because there is less wind resistance. Having fewer tails also means that there is a sting component to the thud. The sting component isn't intense but it is definatly there. The Long Fluffy Wand is 23 inches long, its handle is 6 inches long but only 3/4 inch in diameter.

D - Short Fluffy Wand
The Short Fluffy Wand is just a shorter version of the Long Fluffy Wand. The Short Fluffy Wand is 18 inches long with a 3/4 inch handle.

E - Fluffy Fob
The Fluffy Fob is an innocent looking flogger that you can carry with you every day. We designed it originally as a key ring accent, but it is also an emergency flogger because there are times when you just need to beat someone but don't have a flogger handy. Fluffy Fobs are 7 inches long with a 1/2 inch handle. They do have a nice sting component that is not too severe.

All sizes are approximate.

Fluffy Floggers, Fluffy Wands and Fluffy Fobs are avalable in 4 handle styles

Solid Matching Handle- The handle color matches the color of the rest of the flogger.
Solid Handle Different Color - The handle is a solid color and the rest of the flogger is a different colors.
Stripped Handle - The handle has two colors that spiral.
We are working on a few theme sets likee Bumble Bee what could be more annoying then a cheerful dome using a soft fluffy yellow & Black flogger on their sub
Rainbow handle - The handle has a really cool rainbow wrap that repeats on the longer handles.

Fluffy Floggers, Fluffy Wands and Fluffy Fobs are avalable in several colors (please note we do not garentee matches between dye lots, so if you want a matcing set of floggers you should order all of them at once to be sure they are all the same color.

If you want a specific color say to match an outfit or a room, send us a sample and we can custom dye your flogger to match.

And of course!
Fluffy Floggers - Full & Heavy
Long Fluffy Flogger 28 inches $100
Long Fluffy Flogger with 2nd tone handle $110
Long Fluffy Flogger with striped or rainbow handle $120
Medium Fluffy Flogger 23 inches $90
Medium Fluffy Flogger with 2nd tone handle $100
Medium Fluffy Flogger with striped or rainbow handle $110
Short Fluffy Flogger 18 inches $80
Short Fluffy Flogger with 2nd tone handle $90
Short Fluffy Flogger with striped or rainbow handle $100
Flufy Wand - Lighter & Stingy but still thuddy.
Long Fluffy Wand 23 inches $60
Long Fluffy Wand with 2nd tone handle $70
Long Fluffy Wand striped or rainbow handle $80
Short Fluffy Wand 18 inches $40
Short Fluffy Wand with 2nd tone handle $50
Short Fluffy Wand striped or rainbow handle $60
Fluffy Fob - The Emergency Flogger
Fluffy Fob - 7 inches $10
Fluffy Fob with 2nd tone handle $12
Fluffy Fob striped or rainbow handle $14