Velvet Ties

Useful ties which feel very soft and comfortable, yet are definitely secure. These can be used as restraints, blindfolds, gags, or hair ties.

Dryclean Only*


Velvet Tie - $30

Please select a Velvet color
(other colors may be available,
please inquire)




Royal Blue

Forest Green

Hunter Green



(These color samples are NOT exact. In fact none of these color samples reflect the sheen one gets with the high quality real velvet I use. I will have actual scans later, but these give you an idea of the color for now.)

Want a flogger as soft as the Velvet Ties? Try a Fluffy Flogger!

You really prefer to see more of their face? Use a Disc Blindfold.

Want something a bit fancier made with velvet? See the Velvet Collar & Cuffs.


* Velvet Ties are Guaranteed!

All stitching in Velvet Ties are guaranteed for 10 years. Just return your Velvet Tie, the receipt and a SASE. This guarantee is void if the Velvet Tie is cleaned in any manner other than professional drycleaning.