The Original Leather Nurse Cap - A leather cap is a great addition to any uniform. Our caps are made from wonderful leather and are made with the same details of a traditional nurse cap. We even add the button on the top just to be accurate. Our caps come in white leather for the Naughty Nurse, Black Leather for those truly Nasty nurses and a Reversible Leather Cap if you can't make up your mind. For the nurse on a budget we even have an economical Student Nurse Cap

Tailes - Our first Audio CD. A collection of some of the naughtiest stories from Consent Magazine’s first 3 years.

Tailes is the first in the Consent Audio Collection but it definitely won't be the last. While we were trying to figure out what to put on the Tailes CD we read through every single story and piece of poetry we used, being a magazine full of naughty material you can imagine this took a bit of time. We had to keep stopping after "reviewing" the really good pieces. And if you thought the review process was fatiguing the recording process was worse, our readers kept getting shall we say "Flustered" while they read which has also made for some really good out takes and lots of real life experiences for new stories. Anyway, we found we had several other "groups" of stories that are very good so we are frantically recording more stories for future CDs as well as some of our serialized stores. Check here for more info, as they are finished.